The Inquiry has issued an update on the timeline for the remainder of phase 1 hearings.


The Chairman has issued a statement outlining the expected timeline for the remainder of the phase 1 hearings. The Chairman’s full statement can be viewed here.

The provisional schedule for the first phase of the Inquiry’s work has been updated accordingly. As with the previous schedules, the programme below remains subject to change.

Updated programme for phase 1 evidence

Phase one schedule


Phase 1 is focussing on the factual narrative of the events of the night of 14 June 2017. This includes:

  • the existing fire safety and prevention measures at Grenfell Tower;
  • where and how the fire started;
  • the development of fire and smoke;
  • how fire and smoke spread from its original seat to other parts of the building;
  • the chain of events before the decision was made that there was no further savable life in the building; and
  • the evacuation of residents.

Phase 2 will address the remainder of the issues identified in the List of Issues which was published on the Inquiry’s website on 14 September 2017.

Procedural hearing

A procedural hearing will be held in Holborn Bars on the morning of Monday 3 September between 09:30-11:00. It is expected to cover the following:

  • The nature of and limits on the Phase 1 evidence from senior LFB officers;
  • Programme for evidence from BSR witnesses, and the approach to any special arrangements which may be needed;
  • The preparation and presentation of the evidence necessary to discharge the Inquiry’s Article 2 function for each deceased, and the programme for that; and
  • The approach to development and finalisation of recommendations arising out of Phase 1.

At 11:00 the Inquiry hearing will resume with the next witness.

The full schedule for the week commencing Monday 3 September will be published on Thursday 30 August.

Core participant numbers

The Inquiry currently has 581 core participants made up of 551 individuals and 30 organisations. The Inquiry plans to continue updating the published list of core participants on a monthly basis.

The latest update can be viewed here.

Document disclosure

To date, the Inquiry has received over 378,000 documents and it is expected that this number will rise to 400,000. Documents continue to be reviewed and disclosed to core participants on a rolling basis.

Posted on: 2 August 2018

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