The Inquiry will resume on 20 September at 10:00

Week commencing 17 September:  Further London Fire Brigade evidence. This includes firefighters who undertook active firefighting and search and rescue operations, LFB control room staff and commanders who were responsible for the decisions taken on the night.


Phase one schedule

Phase 1 will focus on the factual narrative of the events of the night of 14 June 2017. This will include:

  • the existing fire safety and prevention measures at Grenfell Tower;
  • where and how the fire started;
  • the development of the fire and smoke;
  • how the fire and smoke spread from its original seat to other parts of the building;
  • the chain of events before the decision was made that there was no further savable life in the building; and
  • the evacuation of residents.

Phase 2 will address the remainder of the List of Issues to be investigated.