The Inquiry premises are at 1 Giltspur Street, London, EC1A 9DD.

Hearings have concluded and our premises are closed to the public. 


Given the Inquiry's profile, with significant media coverage, social media commentary and with proceedings live streamed, we are required to follow the standard practice for high-profile public buildings. We are an entirely public Inquiry and have a duty of care to anyone that attends.

The physical security baseline measures (set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and the Cabinet Office) state that, where members of the public are attending a building, an appropriate screening process should be applied. For this reason, we need to put in place security checks similar to the security measures in place at the Royal Courts of Justice, museums and other civic venues. Further information about these measures can be found here

There will be security checks and a bag search on entry for all persons attending the hearings. We encourage those attending to arrive in plenty of time and to think carefully about what they bring with them on the day. The following items will not be permitted inside the venue:

  • Any type of knife or bladed article – for example pen knives, key-ring knives, belt knives, craft knives or cutlery
  • ‘Sharps’ – for example, scissors, syringes (unless these are for medical purposes), craft needles
  • Replica guns – for example lighters or jewellery that looks like a gun or toy gun
  • All photographic, audio and video recording equipment, whether digital or analogue, with the exception of mobile phones (which should be switched to silent in the hearing room).  Attendees are not permitted to film, take videos or make recordings on the hearing floor
  • Work tools – for example hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, nails
  • Alcohol, non-prescription drugs, solvents and other potentially harmful substances
  • Any other item which, in the opinion of the security officer, could be used as a weapon, cause a hazard to others in the building or be used to disrupt proceedings
Watching the Inquiry  

The archive of previous hearings is available on the Inquiry's website and also on the YouTube channel.


Enquiries about hearings can be made to: [email protected]

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