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Using content from this website 

Section 18 of the Inquiries Act 2005 requires the Chairman to take reasonable steps to ensure members of the public are able to obtain or view a record of evidence provided to the Inquiry.

The public are given access to documents through the Inquiry’s website so that they can follow, understand and comment on the work of the Inquiry.

The documents provided on this website are subject to copyright. Copyright is the right to control the use to which a document is put and is normally owned by the person or organisation that created the document. 

If you want to copy or use a copyright work then you usually have to get permission from the copyright owner, but there are a few exceptions where you can copy or use part or all of a copyright work without permission.

The documents provided on this website fall into four categories:

  1. Documents created by the Inquiry team
  2. Other documents created by the Crown
  3. Documents created by others
  4. Transcripts of Inquiry Hearings


1. Documents created by the Inquiry team

These include the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference, List of Issues, reports, rulings, protocols, recordings, and other documents created for the purpose of administering the Inquiry.

These documents are covered by the Open Government Licence (OGL). The OGL covers most copyright works produced by the Crown.

There is no need to obtain permission to use such documents, although the source of the document should be acknowledged in each case.

For more information on the full terms and conditions of the OGL, please visit The National Archives’ website.


2. Other documents created by the Crown

These are documents that have been created by civil servants or ministers outside the Inquiry and are already in the public domain.

Typically these documents include legislation, government codes of practice, government reports, official press releases, government forms and many public records that have been produced by UK Crown bodies.

As copyright in these documents is held by the Crown, they are also covered by the OGL.


3. Documents created by others

These are documents created by an outside body that is not considered a UK Crown body. Broadly, such bodies include private and public bodies that are not part of central Government.

Such documents include:

  • Documents disclosed to the Inquiry by individuals and organisations not linked to central Government
  • Witness statements submitted to the Inquiry as evidence
  • Reports provided by expert witnesses to the Inquiry

Copyright in this category of documents is retained by the original copyright owner. These documents are not covered by the OGL.

The public are not entitled to make use of these documents for other purposes without the permission of the copyright owner unless such use is permitted under Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998. Chapter III applies to documents that have been reproduced in whole or part in one of the Inquiry’s reports.



Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA) contains various provisions which allow people to make use of copyright material under certain circumstances without the permission of the copyright owner. An acknowledgement of authorship is still required.

Legal advice should be sought before any use is made of a document in reliance on any provisions of the CDPA.

As the Inquiry does not own the copyright in third party documents, it cannot give permission for such documents to be used, nor can it give advice on whether use of any particular kind of third party material is permitted under any given circumstances.

General guidance on exceptions to infringement of copyright can be found on


4. Transcripts of Inquiry Hearings

Opus 2 International Limited (“Opus 2”) is the owner of the copyright in the transcripts prepared by Opus 2 for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry hearings. A specific licence has been granted by Opus 2 for the use of these transcripts. This can be found under Documents > Correspondence > Copyright licence from Opus 2 September 2020. 


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