The Inquiry has updated the published list of core participants.

The full list is available on the key documents page. Further information on core participants (CP) is covered in our guide, which includes details of the role they play in the Inquiry, and how this differs from being a witness.


640 individuals have applied for CP status. 519 have been granted, broken down as:

  • 500 individuals have been published, including 3 who have been anonymised (AAA, CCC, DDD); and
  • 19 children who are core participants, but under the age of 18. They are not included in the published list.

There are currently no outstanding anonymity applications.


28 organisations have been granted CP status. This is broken down as:

  • 22 commercial organisations have applied for CP status and 18 have been granted;
  • 5 trade unions have applied for CP status and have been granted; and
  • 12 public bodies have applied for CP status and 8 have been granted.


Posted on: 20 April 2018

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