The Inquiry has published a list of its core participants.  

The full list is available on the key documents page. 

To date, the Chairman has granted core participant status to 532 individuals and organisations.

  • 504 are bereaved, survivors and local residents; and
  • 28 are organisations.

Further information on core participants is covered in our guide, which includes details of the role they play in the Inquiry, and how this differs from being a witness.

The Inquiry continues to receive applications for core participant status. The published list will be amended periodically to reflect the current position.

Number of applications


636 individuals applied for CP status and 504 were granted. This is broken down as:

  • 479 individuals have been published, including 3 who have been anonymised (AAA, CCC, DDD);
  • 6 individuals have not been published because of ongoing anonymity applications; and
  • 19 children who are core participants but aged under 18 at the time of publication are not included.


  • 22 commercial organisations applied for CP status and 18 were granted.
  • 5 trade unions applied for CP status and 2 were granted.
  • 12 public bodies applied for CP status and 8 were granted.


The Chairman received applications from 22 core participants to have their names withheld from the list for a variety of personal reasons. Among them were 7 core participants who asked to be allowed to remain anonymous throughout the Inquiry’s proceedings. The Chairman granted anonymity to 3 core participants, whose names appear in the list as AAA, CCC and DDD, and refused the applications of the other 4. Of the 16 who only asked for their names to be withheld from the list, the Chairman rejected 10 of their applications and deferred 6 pending the receipt of further information.

The Chairman has published a ruling setting out the principles which he has applied in making these decisions. 

**This news story was updated on 6 April 2018 with the total number of core participant applications and updating the number of deferred anonymity applications**

Posted on: 6 April 2018

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