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  • Addendum
  • Appendix A1: Consumer Unit - Flat 16
  • Appendix A2: Section of electrical conductor
  • Appendix A3: White oven (cooker)
  • Appendix A4: Extension lead - Flat 16
  • Appendix A5: Small fridge - Flat 16
  • Appendix A6: Medium freezer - Flat 16
  • Appendix A7: Remnants of plug - Flat 16
  • Appendix A8: Bread maker - Flat 16
  • Appendix A9: Exemplar extractor fan - Flat 13; Extractor fan - Flat 16; Debris from window area - Flat 16; Debris from window area - Flat 16; Selection of metallic items - Flat 16; Wiring to extractor fan.
  • Appendix A10: Exemplar Whirlpool fridge freezer; Fridge freezer - Flat 16; Control boards for fridge freezer; Compressor for fridge freezer - Flat 16; Conductor from fridge freezer base - Flat 16; Remains of power supply cord - Flat 16; Assorted wiring behind fridge freezer - Flat 16; internal cord to compressor relay compartment.
  • Appendix A11: Wiring from ceiling near kitchen window
  • Appendix A12: Believed capacitor (melted); Wiring from wall to left of sink.
  • Appendix B: Documents reviewed
  • Appendix C: Exhibits not examined
  • Appendix D: Professional profile

Damage Assessment Memo

  • Appendix A1: Section of electrical conductor
  • Appendix A2: Conductor removed from BPS3 (fridge freezer wiring)
  • Appendix A3: Extractor fan motor from exhibit MCL-20-076029-14062107 (debris from window area)
  • Appendix A4: Section of wire from BPS4 (compressor unit for fridge freezer)
  • Appendix A5: Section of stranded conductor
  • Appendix A6: Section of wire from MJD/38 (medium sized freezer)
  • Appendix A7: Wire section from BPS/3 (conductors from fridge freezer base)
  • Appendix A8: Coil from MJD/52 (miscellaneous wiring)
  • Appendix A9: Wire strand from MJS/6 (extractor fan motor)
  • Appendix A10: Documents reviewed by J.D. Glover
  • Appendix A11: Wires from compressor relay compartment from BPS/4 (compressor unit for fridge freezer)
  • Appendix A12: Wire strand from MCL-20 (debris from window area)
  • Appendix A13: Piece of compressor mounting plate split from BPS/4 (compressor unit for fridge freezer)
  • Appendix A14: Section of three-core stranded flex from MCL-06 (remains of mains supply flex associated with fridge freezer)

These written reports are expressions of the experts’ opinions and it will be a matter for the Chairman of the Inquiry to decide what findings to make in the Phase 1 report, having heard all of the factual evidence as well as hearing from the experts in person. These expert reports are being examined by Inquiry at the oral hearings in the weeks of 19th and 26th November 2018 when the experts will give live evidence. 

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Witness: Dr J. Duncan Glover
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