If necessary, the Inquiry's experts will serve supplemental reports in advance of their oral evidence, to the extent that the evidence they have heard or read affects their written opinions.  They may also provide updating evidence when they come to give oral evidence in October and the reports will be treated as provisional until that point.

Please note that in her report Dr. Lane states that the fire doors in Grenfell Tower were supplied by Manse Masterdor Limited, but she also uses "Masterdor" as a shorthand reference to Manse Masterdor Limited.  Please note when Dr. Lane refers to "Masterdor" she is referring to Manse Masterdor Limited and not Masterdor Limited.

This report is split into multiple sections which can be dowloaded from the bottom of this page as searchable PDFs.  There are also two ZIP files of the report and annexes which are smaller files, but are 'non-searchable' to reduce the size.

  • Section 1 - 4: Introduction; Issues; Building description and fire safety requirements; key definitions including relevant test evidence; Overview of building works at Grenfell Tower, including recent refurbishment 2012-2016
  • Section 5 - 7: The observed events of 14th June 2017; Investigating how this happened — the physical evidence at Grenfell Tower; Where the fire started
  • Section 8: The Building Envelope — materials and construction
  • Section 9: Resulting routes for fire spread out and in through the window openings
  • Section 10: Resulting routes for vertical and horizontal fire spread through the building envelope
  • Section 11: Construction of the external walls — the provisions made at Grenfell Tower to comply with the Building Regulations
  • Section 12: The significance of the building envelope fire
  • Section 13: Critical times during the fire event
  • Section 14: The performance of the protected stairs and lobbies
  • Section 15: Construction of the common lobbies — the provisions made at Grenfell Tower to comply with Building Regulations
  • Section 16:  Construction of the single protected stair — the provisions made at Grenfell Tower to comply with Building Regulations
  • Section 17: External access for the fire and rescue services - the provisions available at Grenfell Tower
  • Section 18: Communicating with residents in an emergency
  • Section 19: How the protected stair and lobbies failed for fire fighters and for residents
  • Section 20: The consequences of the failures in Grenfell Tower
  • Section 21: Experts Declaration 
  • Appendix A: Experience, Qualifications, Appointments, Speciality of the Expert and of those who have assisted in the preparation of the report
  • Appendix B: Texts and published documents referred to 
  • Appendix C: Excerpts from site inspection records from Grenfell Tower 
  • Appendix D: Legislation, Regulations and Guidance relevant to Grenfell Tower 
  • Appendix E: Compliance assessment - External Fire Spread Regulation B4 
  • Appendix F: Reaction to fire tests and classifications
  • Appendix G: Compliance assessment - means of warning and escape Regulation B1
  • Appendix H: Compliance assessment - access and facilities for the Fire and Rescue Services Regulation B5
  • Appendix I: Flat entrance fire doors and stair fire doors — requirements and provisions 
  • Appendix J: Smoke extract — fire safety requirements and provisions 
  • Appendix K: Gas supply — fire safety requirements and provisions
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Witness: Dr. Barbara Lane
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