Key Documents


13.11.2017 Letter to the Prime Minister from Sir Martin Moore-Bick
[PDF, 4 pages – 199kb]

21.12.2017 Letter to Sir Martin Moore-Bick from the Prime Minister
[PDF, 2 pages – 104kb]


20.12.2017 Chairman’s response to submissions at the Procedural Hearing on 11 and 12 December
[PDF, 19 pages – 282kb]

18.01.2018 Chairman’s Response to Russell-Cooke Submissions
[PDF, 6 pages – 193kb]


Grenfell Tower Inquiry assessors
[PDF, 1 page – 98kb]

Expert witnesses

Grenfell Tower Inquiry expert witnesses
[PDF, 1 page – 100kb]

Issues to be investigated

List of issues to be investigated
[PDF, 9 pages – 168kb]

Terms of Reference

Sir Martin Moore Bick’s letter of the 10th of August 2017
[PDF, 7 pages – 519kb]

Prime Minister’s response of 15th August 2017
[PDF, 2 pages – 120kb]

Prime Minister’s Notice of Determination under section 40(4) of the Inquiries Act 2005

[PDF, 3 pages – 361kb]

Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of understanding with the Metropolitan Police Service
[PDF, 7 pages – 135kb]


Protocol for vulnerable witnesses
[PDF, 5 pages – 127kb]

Protocol on the role of assessors
[PDF, 2 pages – 311kb]

Protocol for witness statements
[PDF, 5 pages – 146kb]

Protocol for the redaction of documents
[PDF, 2 pages – 111kb]

Protocol for considering applications for core participant status
[PDF, 4 pages – 164kb]

Protocol relating to legal representation at public expense
[PDF, 13 pages – 448kb]

Protocol for the receipt and handling of documents
[PDF, 3 pages – 463kb]

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